News One:

    Gather together, Talk entrepreneurship——The 2th activity “Entrepreneurial life” of "SILC star force " Alumni Salon has been held successfully.

    The 2th Entrepreneurial life of SILC star force alumni salon started as promised at 3pm on 23th April, 2017. Many entrepreneurial Alumni came to Alumni Center in Science and Technology Park of Baoshan, Shanghai to discuss entrepreneurship. The guests presented at this salon are Zeng Xiaolin, the Secretary-General of Alumni Association, Xu Xinyuan, the President of General experimental technology (China), Liu weiguang, the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Shanghai ruking Electronic Technology, and two faculty members from the Department of Management.

    Liu weiguang, a former SILC faculty and a successful entrepreneur, opened the salon by sharing his personal story and experience. He analyzed the current entrepreneurial situation and the requirement of innovation with his unique opinion. Combined with his ongoing business, he proposed that the specific content of innovation and entrepreneurship should be consistent with the development of era. He also said that he can provide opportunities for alumni to help their business start-ups.

    The alumni have a heated discussion about some hot topics, such as how to realize innovative technologies into capital in current economic situation and whether or not an enterprise employee is fit for a second venture. Many of them held the view that being an employee working for others can hardly afford the daily expenses and can’t achieve higher self-accomplishment. Now innovation and entrepreneurship have become a new trend, especially in the Internet industry.

    After getting general impression between each other, these Alumni started to look for partners that they want to interact with. Among them, the most shining figure is the president Xu yuanxin as a representative of venture's success, joining a hot chat to analyze this upsurge.

    At the end of the salon, many alumni thanked this platform that allowed them to connect with each other so that they can have access to resources and share their experience. The alumni association also thanked alumni for their support. (23th April,2017)

    News Two:

    “The dream in SILC, The alumni in heart”—the alumni anniversary celebration was held successfully in SILC

    Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce (SILC) held its anniversary celebration –“The dream in SILC, The alumni in heart”at the alumni activities center of Baoshan campus of Shanghai University at 13:30 p.m.on June 18, 2017. The alumni graduated in 1997 and 2007 actively participated in the activity and they looked back on the beautiful youth spent with their Alma Mater. Meanwhile, the teachers and leaders attending the activity are as follows: Gong Siyi, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of Shanghai Univer, and President of SILC, Cao Jun, deputy director of the external liaison office and deputy director of the alumni office of Shanghai Univer, Li Shuang, Secretary of the Party committee of SILC, Lv Kangjuan , executive vice president of SILC, Wei Jingfen, deputy secretary of the Party committee of SILC, Zeng Xiaolin, deputy Secretary General of alumni branch of SILC, Liu Weiguang, a teacher at the SILC and Gao Jie, the Faculty of Business Administration SILC. The teachers above all attended the event and showed a warm welcome to their alumni.
    Firstly, the video on the theme of "Faithful to your heart" was played. After that, Prof. Gong Siyi, the deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of Shanghai University and dean of SILC, made a wonderful speech. She reviewed the development course of SILC over the past 20 years and thanked the years of companionship and support from the teachers and alumni. She expressed that the alumni continue to maintain the self-confidence and show their talents in all walks of life after graduation. Because of the full support from alumni, we all believe that the SILC will have better prospects for development and become well-known universities both at home and abroad.

    Next, Cao Jun, deputy director of the external liaison office and deputy director of the alumni office of Shanghai Univer welcomed the arrival of alumni and encouraged them to actively communicate and interact with the institute. Prof. Lv Kangjuan, deputy dean of SILC,  also shared the bits and pieces with the students, and hoped the alumni can often look back to his alma mater, working together to build a better SILC.
    Finally, Tang Wenming who graduated from SILC 20 years ago, shared his entrepreneurial process. He set up a software company in 1999, which makes accounting compliance management for the top five hundred companies. Then, he undertook the Shanghai technology exchange and the national technology transfer center platform construction projects. He expressed he could provide policy support to alumni involved in technology as well as resources for SILC students.

    After that, the students and alumni read poems together "to my favorite SILC". With the melodious music and poetry, the beautiful youth spent in SILC emerges before their eyes. After the opening ceremony, teacher Gao presided over the alumni forum, entitled " How does shared economy change humanity? " , and some of the alumni who were interested were also involved. The rest of the alumni also experienced the distinctive theme room: they experienced pen art in the painting workshop and designed their own script name card. They watched the magic show in the time corridor and savored the magic moments. They took their baby and enjoyed the relaxing time in the audition hall……After the event, many alumni were still reluctant to leave, and they recalled the unique afternoon of their return to the age of 20, the afternoon belonging to them and belonging to the SILC.(June 19, 2017)