Major Introduction

    Accounting(International Accounting Standards and Information Disclosure direction): Contains subjects that investigate the logic of accounting standards and the impact of new standards on enterprises from an international perspective. Getting familiar with the practice of information disclosure of listed companies, students learn to analyze and study the strategies adopted by listed companies in information disclosure and the impact on the allocation of capital market resources.

    Accounting(Intelligent Accounting and DigitalManagement direction): Based on the development of artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technologies, this direction investigates the integrated application of corporate accounting and finance with new information technologies. Students learn to digitally manage ideas of financial decision-making, innovative practices of financial management, and decision-making with visual tools.

    AccountingManagement Control and Innovation Managementdirection): Look into theories of management accounting. This major introduces a range of accounting tools in management control and innovation management. Students learn to adopt a data-driven paradigm to manage innovation and guide entrepreneurial practices, focusing on the influence of accounting.



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    Tuition fees:CNY ¥59,000 per year

    2 years programs

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