Each international student is paired with a local student to act as a “buddy” during his or her study at SILC. The local students will get in touch with international students before their arrival at Shanghai, answering any questions they may have. After their arrival, the local students will help international students get familiar with the campus and surroundings and be their local guide in Shanghai.

    International students need to send their buddies their flight Information before departure. The buddies will arrange airport pick-up for international students and help them check in. The international students will need to pay the cost of their own transport but not of their buddies.

    SILC organizes an induction and orientation program for all international students

    The program includes:
    • Introduction to Shanghai University and SILC
    • Introduction to the Student Service Team and the support they offer with accommodation, visas, insurance, etc.
    • Information about the teaching program and courses
    • Information about campus facilities and bus timetables
    • Enrolling as a student and guidance on how to complete the necessary paperwork
    • Other important information
    • Campus tour