All international students will be assigned academic advisors. Academic advisors offer advice on study problems, study methods and coping with academic pressure.

    The professional psychological counselor in the Psychological Counseling Centre (PCC) offers counseling services and psychological advice and guidance.

    The Career Development Center at SILC aims to provide all-round career services. It helps students formulate a clear career-development plan. The service it provides includes:
    • Career talks and job fairs
    • Visits to local enterprises
    • Career development courses
    • Advice on resumes and interviews
    • Excellent alumni who are invited to give students one-to-one guidance on careers.

    SILC assists international students in arranging internships according to their major and their aims after they have finished their normal study. The companies for internships include Continental Corporation (Shanghai) and Volkswagen, etc. Internships can significantly enhance students’ professional and communication skills.

    SILC organizes visits to local company for international students participating in short-term and credit programs. The companies are all famous enterprises in Shanghai, including Shanghai Volkswagen, Volvo Group, Lenovo, SF Express, SIASUN Robot & Automation, Dianshan Lake Textile Mill, CP Guojian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Shanghai Bao Steel, and Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Corporation.