What employers say about SILC students

    AC Nielsen: SILC graduates have solid knowledge and strong English skills, especially oral language skills. This gives them a huge advantage when working for a foreign company. Their competencies grow very fast because of their down-to-earth attitude and business acumen. We hope that SILC students engage themselves more in practice and communicate more frequently with people from different cultural backgrounds.

    Accenture:SILC pays close attention to students’ practical skills. In particular, the students have better communication skills and English language skills than their peers from other universities. Overall, they have wide span of knowledge and are very competitive in the job market.

    KPMG: SILC students are active learners after they enter the workplace. They adapt very quickly and are willing to tell people about their ideas.

    Shanghai International Automobile City:SILC develops its programs and curriculum to meet the market demand. Every year, SILC students come to our company as interns. We are deeply impressed by their active and down-to-earth attitude.