Overall introduction of "Library Material Center":
    Located on the second floor of Wende Building, the center is composed of six sections that include an open shelf periodical book reading hall, a drift bookstore belonging to students, a reading room for out-dated periodicals, two discussion rooms for students, a stack room and a self-study room available for 96 people. The center has a wealth of resources of books, newspapers, and nearly 2000 volumes of Chinese and foreign language books including novels, academic reference books, dictionaries, magazines, newspapers and so on. It has a wide range of books covering humanities, social sciences, history, education, economics, management, accounting, computer science, English language and other different fields. It is worth mentioning that this center is equipped with special bookshelves for original edition of foreign literature, which are updated regularly. And it also has special bookshelves for alumni donations. Each book donated by alumni is carefully recorded. In addition, it has the special bookshelves for the latest books donated by Tsinghua University Press and Mechanical Industry Press. The center has subscription of about 130 Chinese academic or life-humanities journals and 10 species of original edition of imported periodicals each year to make allow faculty and students to keep abreast of the development of various subjects and the society.

    The drift bookstore, adhering to the concept of shared reading and environmental protection, was established spontaneously by a student reading club. Students will receive a certificate when they donate their own books in exchange for books at the center. The reading room for out-dated periodicals has a stock of the academic journals in the past two years. The discussion room is open to all faculty and students but it needs to be booked beforehand. Six computers are placed in the open hall. The center opens 62 hours every week and is managed by one full-time and two part-time staff. It provides a quiet and private learning space with a variety of reading materials.