The Academic Office revolves around practice-oriented education and international tasks, including training students on practical skills, providing various types of application and simulation software, developing internship bases with the Student Affairs Office, and giving students sufficient information about international exchange programs. The office also organizes academic counseling for students and provides support for students who participate in competitions. 


    Name Contact
    Ms. Gao Ying(Director) 69980028-82065;
    Ms. Yuan Ping(Deputy Director) 69980028-82063;
    Ms. Yan Lihui(Manager) 69980028-82061;
    Ms. Ding Ying(Manager) 69980028-82022;
    Ms. Bi Rongrong 69980028-82062;
    Ms. Liu Hongxia 69980028-82064;
    Ms. Mao Yaping 69980028-82022;
    Ms. Zhou Minhua 69980028-92071;
    Ms. Liu Chengxi 69980028-88000;