The Dean’s Office focuses on international tasks, such as establishing partnerships with universities abroad, carrying out international cooperation and exchange programs, establishing a dual-accounting system that complies with accounting regulations in China and Australia, and building a management model that suits an international business school.


    Name Contact
    Mr. Tan Kun(Director) 69980028-65042;
    Mr. Zhou Encai(Deputy Director) 69980028-84121;
    Ms. Chen Weixing(Manager) 69980028-84101;
    Ms. Zhang Wei(Manager) 69980028-84022;
    Mr. Zhou Yu(Manager) 69980028-84023;
    Ms. Shen Lei(Manager) 69980028-84021;



    The International Office develops international programs and projects, manages incoming international students and outgoing students, and facilitates regular contact with UTS.


    Name Contact
    Ms. Xu Xiaohong(Director) 69980028-92031;
    Ms. Huang Li(Manager) 69980028-92021;
    Ms. Meng Ruiqiong 69980028-92022;
    Ms. Qin Haiwei 69980028-92011;
    Ms. Hua Xinwei 69980028-92011;
    Ms. Liu Fang 69980028-92021;



    The Technical Support Office contributes to building an international campus by maintaining and improving the network, facilities, and classrooms.


    Name Contact
    Mr. Gao Liping(Director) 69980028-81045;
    Mr. Li Li(Manager) 69980028-81042;
    Mr. Wu Xiaolong 69980028-81044;
    Mr. Tao Wei 69980028-81041;
    Ms. Dai Meijin 69980028-81043;