International Students: Summer/Winter School

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SILC has held the Summer School each year since 2012 and the Winter School since 2016. The aim of these three-week SILC short-term schools is to provide international students with a first-hand economic, cultural and social experience of China.

In the first two weeks, students will have classes in Chinese language, business lectures and industrial field trips so as to have a good understanding of the business communities in China’s rapidly growing economy. Students will also be shown around the cultural centers in or near Shanghai and discover the underlying values of Chinese culture and history.

The third week is optional. We will bring students to visit Beijing, the capital of China. In this five-day tour, students can visit Tian’an men Square, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and many other famous historical and cultural spots in Beijing.

Mentor and one-to-one buddy scheme: A member of the SILC International Office acts as your mentor and assists you throughout the Summer/Winter School. Each visiting student is also allocated an individual Chinese student of SILC, who acts as your “buddy” and will contact you before you come to China. Your buddy will be available throughout your time in China and make your stay here as trouble-free as possible.

Chinese cultural activities: In the first two weeks, we will offer a range of experiences, including calligraphy and painting, Tai chi, martial arts and tea culture. There will be a variety of tours to scenic spots in or near Shanghai.

Apart from tours to famous scenic spots, company visits, such as to Bao Steel Group and Shanghai Volkswagen, are also arranged.


Accommodation is arranged in 3-star hotels, which provide double rooms including breakfast. Single rooms are available for an additional fee. Wifi is available free-of-charge in the hotels and, of course, throughout the University campuses.

On completion of the school, you will be awarded a Summer/Winter School Certificate from SILC, Shanghai University, which proves that you have a basic understanding of the Chinese language, culture and economy. The academic Office of SILC Shanghai University will also grant 5 credits for students completing the program and an official transcript.

For the students who only attend the first 2 weeks of the short-term school, the program fee is
1,800 U.S. Dollars.

For the students who take the full 3-week program, the program fee is 2380 U.S. Dollars.

For more information of the Summer School and how to apply, please contact
Emma Liu at

For more information of the Winter School and how to apply, please contact
Emma Liu at

The deadline of application for Summer School is May 10 of each year.
The deadline of application for Winter School is Oct 20 of each year.

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