SILC has three teaching buildings (Wenbo, Wenshang, Wenda), one administration building (Wenhui), one student’s learning building (Wende) and one large-scale recreational and sports activities center (Xingjian). The interior decorative designs of the teaching building embody strong internationalization and noble and graceful cultural environment. All classrooms are equipped with air-conditioners and multimedia teaching equipment. SILC has many advanced and perfect business laboratories and voice learning center. The student’s learning center, which is on the ground floor of Wende building, is large, bright, comfortable and cozy and it is open around the clock for students to review their lessons by themselves. Xingjian recreational and sports activities center contains badminton site, table tennis activity room, dance studio, gym and multimedia stage. All of them are open to the teachers and students for free at certain times.


    Hub Café

    Learning Center

    UTS Learning Center

    Xingjian Activity Center