The SILC International Office overseas all the international matters of SILC within the division of Associate Dean(International). The office supports and implements SILC’s international strategy and internationalization, including establishing international partnerships, recruitment of international students, promoting student mobility, and providing services to international faculty and students.

    The SILC International Office is responsible for:

    International Communications

    ·international partnerships, MOUs and agreements

    ·international visitors

    ·global marketing and promotion

    International Recruitment

    ·developing, implementing and reviewing international recruitment strategies

    ·organizing recruitment activities

    ·relationship management of student recruitment agents

    ·course registration for international students

    International Mobility

    ·Student Exchange programs

    ·Study Abroad programs (students inbound and outbound)

    ·Short term programs (students inbound and outbound)

    International Services

    ·support services to currently enrolled international students

    ·support services to international faculties

    ·support services to Chinese faculties visiting abroad

    Contact Details

    顾浩东 Harry Gu, Director of SILC International Office

    孟瑞琼 Isa Meng, Associate Director of SILC International Office

    刘方 Emma Liu, International Mobility (Inbound Students) and International Degree Students Advisor

    花鑫未 Alice Hua, Faculty Support

    丁梦娇 Chloe Ding, International Recruitment

    龚安妮 Annie Gong, International Degree Students Advisor

    朱晓文 Vivian Zhu, International Mobility (Outbound Students)

    范氏春香 Pham Thi Xuan Huong, International Marketing