The Management Department has a vibrant international faculty team consisting of 22 full-time faculty members. They all have study or work experience abroad in recent years. Above 50% of the faculty have undertaken state-level projects, and many have received the honors of state-level or municipal-level, such as 2nd Prize on Excellent Teaching and Baosteel Excellent Teacher. Two faculty members have been listed in “Shanghai Pujiang Talent Program”. Currently, a high-level academic echelon with reasonable structure and focused research direction has formed in many fields, such as demand chain management, organizational behavior, consumer behavior, marketing, sustainable development and urban economic management.

    The Management Department has a complete talent cultivation system and adopts an “Individualized Cultivation based on Talent Categorization” mode to fully realize “tutorial cultivation” at both the undergraduate and postgraduate education period. The “Interdisciplinary R & D” of the Management Department has distinctive features and delivers a large number of high-quality research results. Backed by a number of academic exchange platforms, such as “Demand Chain Research Institute”, “Consumer Behavior Research Center”, “Green Urbanization Research Center”, “Sustainable Urbanization Research Center”, “Building Economy and Commercial Real Estate Research Center”, the Management Department has been providing management advisory services for dozens of domestically well-known enterprises.