The Alumni Branch of SILC has always adhered to the purpose of serving alumni. We do this through the precise management of alumni information and data as well as through actively constructing a multi-faceted, online and offline alumni activity system. We hold annual activities such as "SILC star gathering", "SILC alumni micro-sharing", "SILC new meeting", "SILC Heart Inheritance" and other alumni brand activities. Overall, we strive to build a broad platform for integrating alumni resources, cultivating donation culture, and innovation fund work.

    1. Alumni anniversary celebration: invite alumni to return to the school for their 10th and 20th year graduation anniversaries so that they may reminisce as well as enhance their sense of belonging to SILC.

    2. "SILC Star Gathering" Alumni Salon: held once a month in order to enhance the interaction and communication between fellow alumni as well as between the alumni and the college. The salon theme not only covers industry topics, but is also committed to establishing alumni-student guidance relationships and career development.

    3. "SILC New Encounter" Alumni Networking: breaks the boundary of communication between alumni of different generations through the form of outings, providing alumni with opportunities to meet more like-minded alumni.

    4. SILC alumni micro-sharing: SILC alumni micro-sharing activities launches different themes online every quarter, allowing alumni to share their unique travel experiences so that they can enjoy the beauty of life together.

    5. Overseas alumni activities: The Australian Alumni Branch of the College organizes multiple overseas alumni activities each year, mainly on themes such as welcome or holiday celebrations, so that new alumni can integrate into overseas life more quickly.