1、About the SILC Alumni

    The Alumni Branch of SILC started to be established in 1994 and was formally established in 1998. It is affiliated with the Shanghai University Alumni Association. The purpose of the alumni branch is to carry forward the excellent school spirit of “continuous self-improvement” of the alma mater; strengthen the relationship between alumni at home and abroad and between alumni and the alma mater; promote scientific, technological, and cultural exchanges between alumni; and help alumni in personal career development and socio-economic construction and thus alumni can play a greater role in the development of the alma mater and contribute to the construction of the motherland. The principle "focus on alumni and serve alumni" is what guides the work of the SILC Alumni Branch.

    The SILC Alumni Branch has a board of directors and a member representative assembly. The organizational structure is shown in the figure below:

    Picture of Alumni Branch Organization Structure