Dean of SILC

    The first Dean of SILC was Huang Qian, the former vice president of SHU. On July 22, 2001, the 9th board meeting elected Fang Minglun, the former Executive Vice President of SHU, Professor Tang Hao, Vice President of SHU, acted as third Dean of SILC. Prof. Siyi Gong was the fourth Dean of SILC. She is the Vice President of Shanghai University now. Currently, Professor Kangjuan Lyu is the Dean of SILC.

    Chairman of the Joint Management Committee

    Senior Management Team

    The Joint Management Committee

    The Dean of SILC operates under the leadership of Joint Management Committee and is responsible for its management. The Joint Management Committee (JMC) consists of the presidents and vice presidents of Shanghai University and University of Technology Sydney and senior executives from both universities. The JMC meeting is held twice every year to make decisions regarding financial arrangments, management processes and policies related to UTS programs delivered at SILC. The Dean of SILC implements decisions made by the JMC and manages the daily operation of SILC.