Research teams:

    SILC has established six research teams in the areas of finance and accounting, urban and environmental economics, innovation and entrepreneurship management, marketing and organizational behavior, big data and information management, and service science. Every year, each team is provided with research fund about 10 thousand Euro to support their field studies, academic exchange and communication, and other research activities. The research teams have achieved outstanding results.

    First, high quality papers. In recent 10 years, members in these research teams has published 1 FT 50 paper and 1 UTD 24 paper as the first or corresponding author, nearly 100 papers has been indexed as ABS4*, ABS3*, A* and A in ABDC.

    Second, national and provincial level projects. Totally 31 projects have been approved by the National Natural Science Foundation and National Social Science Foundation of China, including one major project. There are 34 provincial - and ministerial-level projects supported by Ministry of Education of China or Shanghai municipal government. Details can been seen in the table below.

    Third, think tank achievements. Research teams made great achievements in think tank recent years.28 think tank reports have been accepted by departments of national and provincial level. 3 think tank reports have been made comments by national leaders, 16 have been made comments by provincial or Shanghai municipals government leaders.

    Forth, case study achievements. 49 case studies have been published, including 1 Lvey Publishing. These cases have solved the problems in the development of enterprises, such as taxation, financing, and business mode innovation.