Finance(Corporate Finance direction):Students can learn the modern theories of finance and financial management, based on which new practices and development of financial tools will be introduced to students. Upon graduation, students should have the capacity of working in leading financial companies and industries with an international vision to manage financial resources globally.

    Finance(Quantitative Finance direction):Students can develop capability of applying financial theories to achieve positive outcomes in an increasingly complex world. Subjects in the major focus on the adoption of digitalization and artificial intelligence in the field of finance, which train students to scientifically and efficiently use a range of information technology tools and methods for data collection, analysis, and decision-making purposes.

    Finance(Cross-border E-commerce direction):Focuses on the e-commerce industry. Students can learn the knowledge and skills of providing financial services to e-commerce companies. Relying on the trend of digitalization of the financial industry, subjects in the major help students command a range of Internet-based tools for tasks such as financing and risk-management to serve cross-border e-commerce companies.



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    Tuition fees:CNY ¥45,000 per year

    2 years programs

    Please find the major courses in the brochures.

    *Courses are subject to change.

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