SILC Online Summer/Winter School

    About Our Programme

    The aim of the SILC online Summer/ Winter school is to provide you with the first-hand economic, cultural and social experience of Shanghai, China. The topic of SILC Online Summer/ Winter School is Doing Business in China - Creative Culture Art Industry. The business lectures and case studies, and workshops with entrepreneurs will ensure you have a good understanding of the whole value chain of the creative cultural art industry in China. Also, the Chinese traditional cultural activities and the basic Chinese language learning will help you understand what the real China is. We have been holding SILC Summer/ Winter School each year since 2012 and it has been developed in the light of the feedback that we have obtained from students. SILC Summer/Winter School is very highly rated, students have told us that it is a life-changing experience and we are proud to be able to offer this wonderful opportunity.

    Programme Attractions

    Diversified Online Teaching Approaches

    Chinese language and Chinese culture classes: live streaming

    Business courses: live streaming and recording

    Chinese language and Chinese culture classes will be conducted through live streaming, and you will interact with the teacher in real time through the Zoom platform. In the DBIC course, you will learn business theories and cases through our carefully recorded videos. In addition, you will have

    face-to-face communication with the inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, professors of Shanghai Academy of Art and Design, and entrepreneurs through live streaming.

    Immersed Experience for Doing Business in China

    SILC Summer School is a highly valuable educational experience and, with the support of SILC Business School and representatives of business community, offers a fast track to observe the Chinese macro-economic landscape, the local business environment and the unique Chinese enterprise management model. The inspirational lectures guide you on doing business in China and the incubator and corporate virtual visits add excitement and meaning to the online summer school.

    A Taste of Traditional Chinese Culture

    China is immensely proud of its traditional culture as well as its dynamic economy. In this 2 weeks we will offer a range of experiences, including traditional Taichi, martial arts and tea culture. There will be a variety of virtual tours to scenic spots in or near Shanghai.

    Mandarin Language Courses

    Classes in basic Chinese are a highly-valued part of the program. SILC has invited experienced Chinese teachers and enthusiastic Chinese student volunteers to join you. Chinese will not only be taught but also practiced. A background knowledge of Mandarin will not only assist you in dealing with everyday life in China, but also provide an understanding of Chinese culture and the local community.

    Mentor and One-to-One Buddy Scheme

    A member of SILC International Office acts as your mentor and assists you throughout this Summer School. Each visiting student is also allocated with an individual Chinese student of SILC, who acts as your “buddy” Your buddy will be available throughout your time in China to enhance your understanding of the language and culture, provide support whenever you may need it.

    Certificate and Transcript

    On completion of SILC summer school, you will be awarded a Summer School Certificate from SILC, Shanghai University, which proves that you have a basic understanding of the Chinese language and culture or the Chinese economy. We will also select and award Outstanding Students Certificate according to your performance in the process. The Academic Office of SILC, Shanghai University will also grant credits for students completing the programme and an official transcript.

    Levels and Prerequisites

    All courses offered are equivalent to introductory level university courses. They have no specific pre-requisites.

    Application Requirement

    >Non- Chinese citizens with a valid passport

    >Proof of your English language proficiency (if your first language is not English or if English is not the language of instruction at your school)

    >Sending completed application form and a copy of your passport photo page to our email

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